[GHN Express - HCM] Regional Sales Manager

Lương: Thỏa Thuận

Công ty: GHN Express,

Phòng ban: Business Development

Hạn chót: 12/06 — 31/12/2018

Mô tả công việc


  • Organize sale team to acquire new customers (online shops, e-commerce sites) 
  • Advise and support new customer to use GHN’s services and work smoothly in at least first 2 months 
  • Make sure smooth transfer customer account team after at least 2 months.
  • Recruit new suitable team members 
  • Training and coaching to ensure each staff meets the monthly target.
  • Get market information from customers, competitors 
  • Do monthly and quarterly forecast for the new customer. 
  • In building with pricing strategies for services marketed to the target GHN’s online businesses customer 
  • Ads and Promotion Management 
  • Plan advertising and promotional campaigns: budgets, detail execution plan, 
  • Execute and control the campaign to meet the target and under budget. 


  • Analytical skill, creativity: must be able to generate new and imaginative ideas. 
  • Decision-making skills based on data analysis and an end result. 
  • Organizational skills: must manage time and budget efficiently 
  • Good at English and presentation skill is a plus 
  • Used to work for or have related to E-commerce field is a plus 
  • Have work experience in advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales. 
  • Used to manage the team at least 2 years 
  • Understand how E-commerce operating in Vietnam and E-commerce trending in Vietnam, SEA, and other markets. 
  • Basic knowledge about Delivery, Logistics service in Vietnam: characteristics, competitors 

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