[AhaMove HCM] Business Development Leader

Lương: 13,000,00018,000,000 VNĐ

Công ty: AhaMove,

Phòng ban: Business Development

Hạn chót: 04/12 — 31/03/2019

Mô tả công việc

Job Description:

• Managing a team of 12-16 members (New customer development team), ensuring order quota, monthly budget and other P&L indicators.

• Developing sales policies, reasonable coupon promotions to increase order number.

• Making weekly and monthly plans, analyzing data to make reasonable decisions

• Working with Product Team to improve User App

• Coordinating with Operational team to ensure Demand - Supply balance

• Interacting with Marketing team to optimize Demand lead



• Good communication and understanding customer psychology

• Pressure tolerant and completing assigned work on-time

• Proficient in Microsoft office (especially Excel)

• Strategic planning

• Proficient in English


• Smart, flexible and dynamic

• Leadership and management skill

• Data-driven, capable of data analysis and report


• Eager to learn and never afraid of challenge

• Positive attitude when faced with criticism

• Responsible with work

Other requirements:

• 1-2 years working experience in relevant position

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