Love what you do

At Scommerce, you will be put in the best position imaginable to allow you to create your own career success. That’s why we look for hard working, fun loving, dynamic, and passionate people who are committed to adding to a company culture unlike any other.
This starts today – come join us!

This is how we do it

We want everyone who works at Scommerce to do the best work of their careers.
Here’s how we’re making that happen.

We invest in our employees.

Career, leadership and personal development are as much a part of our culture as our flexible working hours.

Every single person plays a key role

Everyone at Scommerce has the ability to make a real difference, feel appreciated and be recognized.

Autonomy and responsibility.

We believe that our employees are the very best at what they do, so we empower them to go ahead and do it well.

Trust and transparency.

No secrets here. We discuss financial data, performance metrics and board-level business performance information with all employees.

We’re truly non-hierarchical.

Our office is free from physical walls that create barriers and artificial hierarchies — CEO included.

Brains and teamwork.

We’re super supportive and collaborative, and find competition outside of the office, not within. Egos are checked at the door.

Các vị trí đang tuyển dụng

[AhaMove HN] Chuyên viên Digital Marketing

Marketing  ·  AhaMove, , Full-time
9,000,00015,000,000 VNĐ


Customer Service  ·  GHN Express, , Full-time
10,000,00015,000,000 VNĐ

Data Analyst

Technology  ·  GHN Express, , Full-time

Data Engineer (Python/ others)

Technology  ·  GHN Express, , Full-time
1,0001,500 USD

[AhaMove HN] Nhân viên chăm sóc tổng đài

Operations  ·  AhaMove, , Full-time
6,000,0007,000,000 VNĐ

Full-Stack Engineer

Technology  ·  Scommerce, , Full-time
8001,500 USD

Back End Engineer

Technology  ·  Scommerce, , Full-time

Data Engineer

Technology  ·  Scommerce, , Full-time